Oster CKSTROSMK18 Smoker Roaster Oven Review

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4.5/5 on February 20, 2018

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347 reviews


16-qt capacity lets you cook anything up to a 20-lb turkey
Attractive red finish
Enamel-on-steel interior pan provides an even cooking environment and easy cleanup
Single roasting rack is also easy to clean and provides steaming options
Versatility allows you to bake, steam, roast or use as a slow cooker
Outdoor smoking option
Removable pockets let you put in flavored wood chips


Incredibly short power cord can be inconvenient


If you are looking for that one appliance that can take your kitchen and give you a boost in both function and capacity, the Smoker Roaster Oven is the way to go. Whether you’re looking for more space so you can entertain large groups or cook even larger items, or you’re wanting to increase the versatility of your meals with the smoker option, the Oster CKSTROSMK18 Smoker Roaster Oven is a tool that can give you all of that, and more.

When you’re looking to add a little versatility to your kitchen, or you find yourself running out of available cooking space, the good news is that there are a lot of different appliances out there that can help you expand your culinary options. One item that can definitely help provide you with more cooking space while also giving you added versatility in the kitchen is the Oster CKSTROSMK18 Smoker Roaster Oven. Built with versatility and convenience in mind, this 16-quart smoker brings both outdoor and indoor options to your kitchen. With the Oster CKSTROSMK18 Smoker Roaster Oven, you can raise your game to the next level, whether you’re making a name for yourself as the host of the best party of the year, having an intimate gathering with some of your best friends or just cooking a meal for your family.

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The name “Smoker Roaster Oven” says exactly what you get with this. A large-capacity appliance can both work as an extra oven  — roasting, slow cooking and steaming — and as an outdoor smoker. Because of this, the Smoker Roaster Oven is a powerful tool that can expand your culinary options far beyond what you might expect.

Highlighted Features

Large 16-Qt Capacity

The large capacity of the Smoker Roaster Oven lets you cook virtually anything you want, at any time. This appliance can handle foods of all shapes and sizes up to a 20-lb turkey, which means that anything you would put in a regular oven can most likely go in this one. This frees up your oven for other duties, or gives you the ability to cook large feasts for large groups. As what basically amounts to a second full-size oven, the Smoker Roaster Oven gives you all of the options that come with it.

Indoor Versatility

The Smoker Roaster Oven not only handles whatever food you put inside of it, it can also cook that food in whatever way you want to cook it. With an adjustable temperature setting of anywhere from 150 to 450 degrees, you can cook anything you need to, in any way. You can bake, steam and slow cook in the Smoker Roaster Oven. This oven can bake a turkey or a cake, and all with an equal amount of perfection.

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Outdoor Capabilities

The most exciting feature about the Smoker Roaster Oven is its ability to go outdoors and provide you with even more options. As a smoker, this oven lets you enhance your foods with even more flavor options. The convenient removable pockets let you put in wood chips — mesquite, hickory, cherry or any other flavor you wish — and turn this oven into an outdoor smoker that can bring the flavor of a backyard barbecue right to your dinner table.

Easy Cleanup

The convenient removable interior roasting pan is made of strong and durable enamel-on-steel that makes cleanup a cinch. The non-stick coating helps keep the pan food and stain-free. At the same time the coating helps to bring an even distribution of heat to the cooking area. The steel roasting rack also cleans quickly and easily.

Attractive and Well-Built

This sturdy appliance not only holds up well under intense and prolonged use, but it looks good doing it. The attractive dark red finish provides an understated, elegant look that is at home in most modern kitchens. It will continue to stay that way for years to come with only light upkeep and maintenance.

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