Hamilton Beach (31334) Easy Reach Toaster Oven Review

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4.0/5 on July 5, 2017

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1,188 reviews


Easy access to countertop and food

Cleaning is a breeze

Door can be removed for cleanup

Bake, broil or toast

fits up to a 9” pizza

Bake pan included

Two different rack positions

Crumb tray in front

30 minute timer

Auto shutoff feature


Controls are difficult to use

Very hot on the outside

Cooks uneven at times


As mentioned above, when you consider all things about this toaster including the price and all of the features it offers, you’re going to find that you will be hard pressed to find a better option than this one right here. It combines all of the great features that you want from a toaster oven such as easy cleaning, easy access to food and multiple settings to cook your food. In terms of affordability and features, this is the toaster oven you should strongly consider.

If you’re looking to find one of the better toaster ovens you can find when it comes to all of the different options on the market, you might find that this toaster oven from Hamilton Beach is a great choice for you. It comes with a ton of great features at a really great price to help differentiate it considerably when compared to some of the other options you will see. From the multiple cook settings to the easy cleaning features, you’ll have no problem seeing everything that helps make this be one of the best toaster ovens you will find.

Hamilton Beach (31334) Easy Reach Toaster Oven Review 

Easy Access To Food

Thanks to the roll-top door, you’ll find that the door moves up and to the back of the toaster oven so that it is completely out of your way. This makes it simple for you to access your food while it is cooking so you can make any necessary changes. You can even grab something from the back of the toaster oven without worrying about burning yourself.


Easy Cleaning

The door on this toaster oven is particularly easy to clean thanks to the door never finding it’s way under the rack as the food is removed or put into the oven. All of the melted cheeses, crumbs and other items are going to fall right onto the included crumb tray, which can easily be removed from the front of the toaster to clean it out after each use.


Three Settings

When it comes to cooking in a toaster oven, you might need more than just one setting depending on what you are cooking, which means that the three settings included on this toaster oven help to give you variety and choices in what you cook. You can choose between bake, broil or toast to easily get the desired result you want with the food you put in.


Large Capacity

Some of the toaster ovens you find on the market today are incredibly small and make it really difficult to fit anything of substance into them but not this one. It comes with a large capacity so that you can fit as much food as you need including up to four slices of bread or a nine-inch pizza.


Timer With Shutoff

In a perfect world, you would never forget that you have food cooking but the world is far from perfect so it is nice to have that little reminder when you do cook. This particular toaster oven comes with a 30 minute timer and an auto shutoff feature so you will never have to worry about forgetting your food or forgetting to turn off the toaster oven.


Multiple Rack Positions

You never know what you might cook in the toaster oven so it can be really beneficial if you have multiple rack positions to choose from in case you are cooking something that is a little bit taller and needs all of the room in the toaster oven. You can choose between two different rack positions with this toaster oven so you will have no problem getting the best result for the food you are planning on cooking.


Wide Range Of Uses

This is something that can usually be applied to a lot of the toaster ovens you see but it is really true here because this toaster oven provides you with plenty of chances to get the food cooked the way you want thanks to the multiple settings. With this toaster oven, you’re going to find that there are a ton of different uses for it and odds are good that you’ll find yourself using it at all times of the day.


Who Is This For?

This particular option is going to be the perfect choice for anybody that wants to find an affordable toaster oven that will help to get the job done every time. If you want to find something that has more bells and whistles and is heavier duty, this is not the choice for you but it is easily one of the best choices for the price it is sold at.

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