Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Mini Oven

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4.0/5 on August 18, 2017

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Combination toaster oven and toaster slot performs the job of two appliances in one
Generously sized toaster slot can accommodate whole bagels or two slices of bread
Included baking pan makes food preparation a breeze
Removable crumb tray makes cleaning simple


Cannot use toaster slot and oven at the same time
Not large enough to accommodate family sized meals
Some users report inefficient browning from toaster slot element


The Toastation is one of the best toaster ovens under $100 on the market. It is best used for families who need to cook food quickly in the mornings or for meals and snacks throughout the day. This appliance is easy to operate and can make morning breakfasts on the go simple for every member of the family. Both parts of the Toastation can be customized to heat a variety of foods quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the Toastation is recommended for families who are looking to save some space on their kitchen countertops and cut down on the energy costs associated with larger appliances. While it does have some drawbacks, particularly that you can’t use the toast slot and oven at the same time, its overall performance and capacity is enough to fulfill the breakfast, lunch, and snack needs of any family

Does your family have a hard time deciding whether to purchase a toaster oven or a regular toaster? Is your kitchen too small to devote counter space to two appliances that perform nearly the same function?

If you answered “yes” to either of the questions above, then the Hamilton Beach Toastation is the tool for you. This compact combination toaster and toaster oven helps you heat toast, pizza, and pretty much anything else you might need to warm on your countertop.


Highlighted Features

The Toastation has a host of features that’ll make you fall in love with its simple design and exceptional functionality.

Compact combination appliance

With a slot on top for toasting bread and bagels and a full toaster oven underneath, the Toastation is an appliance that any family can agree on. The combined functionality also presents itself in a compact footprint that will save extra space in your kitchen or cabinet when not in use.

An integrated crumb tray catches stray bits from toasted bread and other crumbs that are generated during the cooking process. This makes the Toastation convenient to clean, rather than having to clean up two separate messes every time you clean up the kitchen.


Top slot toaster

The top slot toaster has an extra long slot that allows you to put a whole bagel or English muffin inside. Therefore, you can customize your cooking level to achieve the ideal toastiness from light to extra crisp.

With 1.5-inch slots, you can even stick a wide bagel into the toaster, without worrying about it getting stuck or not going down all the way. And the automatic toast slot pops it right back up when your slices have reached the desired toast level.


Roomy oven space



The toaster oven is designed to accommodate two large slices of pizza, or any other lunchtime goodies you can dream up. From toasty sandwiches to cookies for one, use the convection settings to prepare delightful culinary creations, right from your countertop.

There are plenty of settings for adjusting the temperature and toast level of items cooked in the oven portion. Thus, you can simply choose your setting or set the timer for timed cooking, and the oven will take care of the rest.


Included baking pan

An included baking pan lets you prepare foods outside of the toaster oven, stick them inside, and remove for cooling on your counter. This pan is a nifty add-on that keeps you from having to dirty multiple plates or trying to assemble items directly on the grate, resulting in ingredients that fall into the heating element.

The baking pan is simple to clean with your regular dishes. It saves the step of having to pull out the toaster oven grate and give it a good scrub down every time you use the oven. Using a baking pan is safer and more convenient than cooking on the grate directly.


Energy savings

The Toastation is a speedy, efficient oven that helps you to slash the energy used to heat your favorite foods. It cooks 24% faster than the leading toaster oven, and uses 73% less energy than a conventional oven to save you time and money on your energy bills.

Additionally, it’s a convenient place to heat up chicken nuggets or other kid-friendly foods without having to heat up the entire oven, just to feed the kids or prepare a late night snack. Cutting the extra energy will keep your utility costs down. It also prevents you from heating up the whole kitchen during warmer times of the year.


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  1. Why is price at home cook able.com $29.99 and then I am switched to Amazon where the price is $ $44.95. How do I get this item for your indicated $29.99?

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