Best Convection Oven

Best Convection Oven
Best Convection Oven

A convection oven provides a quick and easy way to cook food. Whether it’s a snack, or a small dinner, a convection oven is the ideal way to heat food up quickly. Most convection ovens can work for baking, heating, toasting, among other features. After you compare pros and cons of a convection oven to those of a conventional oven and think about getting a convection oven, you want to find out which is the best convection oven. This review will look at things you should consider when you’re deciding which convection oven to buy. You want to make sure you get the best convection oven for you and your needs. A convection oven shouldn’t be difficult to find, and there are plenty available.

Best Convection Oven Under $100

Oyama TRO-110C Turbo Convection Oven

Best Value Convection Oven for Roasting Chicken

Bake, Grill, Steam Air Fry, Dehydrate or Roast

This convection oven gives you several cooking options from roasting, broiling, grilling, air frying, dehydrating, steaming to baking. With a large capacity of 12L, you can even roast the whole chicken in this oven. With convection cooking, a fan is used to circulate hot air, allowing you to air fry different foods using little or no oil and broiling meat meats with a crispy outer texture while keeping the insides juicy. This oven allows you to bake with a higher temperature than most of convection ovens on the market. You can set the temperature up to 482 degrees F or 250 degrees C.

Two racks for double cooking

2 wire cooking racks, plate tong and instruction manual with recipes are included when you purchase. The high and low rack can be used together to double your cooking space, saving time and energy.

Easy to use control panel

With separate dials for setting temperature and cooking time, it is easy for you to set the right time and temperature for your different foods. The oven will also automatically shut off when timer goes to zero or when you lift the lid.

One year limited warranty

Check out its warranty here.

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Hamilton Beach 31103A

Best Valuable Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

Plenty of Functions

This convection oven was built for maximum versatility for any home cook. You can use it for pizza, toasting, broiling, baking, and rotisserie cooking. It’s ideal for those wanting to expand their cooking abilities, and create an excellent dinner for any guests.

Large Capacity

The large capacity of the convection oven allows you to fit more inside for larger meals. It can hold up to two 12-inch pizza’s, two cake pans, and two casserole dishes. If you’re planning on making a large meal for the family, this is the convection oven for you.

Revolving Rotisserie

The revolving rotisserie allows you to cook the perfect rotisserie chicken for your family. As the chicken turns inside the oven, it self-bastes, allowing you to keep the chicken in the oven. It can hold a chicken up to five pounds, making it the perfect size for a family.

120-Minute Timer

The bake and broil settings allow you to put the timer up to 120-minutes for any baking or broiling need. It bakes faster and more evenly through your food than a traditional oven. If you want a quick and easy machine to use for baking purposes, this is the oven for you.

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Best Convection Oven ($101 – $200)

Cuisinart TOB-200

Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven with 12 Functions

Large Capacity

This convection oven is large enough to hold 12-inch pizzas and six slices of bread. It has .75 cubic feet of capacity inside, allowing you to cook large meals quickly and easily. If you’re planning on making casseroles, or baking a cake, this convection oven will work well for you.

12 Functions

There are 12 different cooking functions on the convection oven, allowing you to cook different foods. You can use the convection oven for rotisserie, or choose to use it as a convection oven. It’s ideal for those wanting to create an excellent dinner for their family or guests.

Roasts Chicken

The convection oven allows you to rotisserie a chicken up to four pounds. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can rotisserie a four-pound duck for a different dinner. It’s ideal for those wanting to experiment with their cooking ability, and this convection delivers everything you want.


The convection oven is consistent, and delivers quality cooked food every time it’s used. The exact heat sensor maintains the perfect temperature for cooking your favorite dish. The oven provides an even toasting shade on your bread, providing you with perfect and consistent results every time you turn it on.

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Best Convection Oven ($201 – $300)

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven

Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ

Element IQ

The Element IQ is an excellent feature for any home cook. It delivers the right temperature at the precise moment to deliver excellent consistency. It remembers your previous settings, allowing you to push one button the next time you want to use the oven. No matter what you’re cooking, the oven makes your life easier with every use.

9 Functions

There are nine functions included on the oven, allowing you to cook different types of food. You can set it to toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, and warm. It’s ideal for those needing different functions to have their food set at the proper serving temperature.

Quartz Heating Elements

The 5 Quartz heating elements deliver heat to your food quickly and efficiently. It operates at 1800W, delivering the power you need to cook your food quickly. It’s ideal for those that need their food quickly, while getting cooked perfectly. It’s ideal for those without too much time to dedicate to cooking.

Backlit LCD

The backlit LCD is easy enough to read when you’re cooking your food. When the oven is in operation, the color changes from blue to orange as it cooks. You can monitor how much longer you have left on your food when it’s in the oven. It’s perfect for ensuring your food comes out properly and evenly cooked.

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 Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro

Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ

Element IQ

Like its sister “Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven”, this convection oven also has the Element IQ to deliver excellent cooking results.

10 Functions

What makes this Smart Oven Pro different from the BOV800XL model is that this model has a slow cook function which is designed for long cook times at low temperatures to tenderize and develop complex flavors. This function allows you to cook for up to 10 hours before turning to keep warm. It is absolutely worth to pay more if you usually use the slow cook function.

Accessories included

This convection oven comes with non-stick pizza pan, enamel baking pan and enamel broiling pan upon your purchase.

Same other features as Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven



NuWave 20632 Pro Plus Oven with Extender Ring

Best Oven for Infrared, Conduction & Convection cooking


Infrared, Conduction, and Convection Cooking

The NuWave oven cooks food on the outside and inside at the same so your food will be cooked fast and evenly. It can cook meat dishes such as steaks, hamburgers, chicken and bacon and bake perfectly. Thanks to its Triple Combo Cooking Power.

  1. Conduction heat, just like a conventional oven, is generated from the inner top of the dome.
  2. Convection heat circulates hot air around the food from all directions
  3. Infrared heat penetrates foods, making food cooked. This dome convection oven

Is the NuWave Oven an Air Fryer? Although both appliances can cook various types of food, they are different. The NuWave Oven has much bigger capacity. You can broil, barbecue, roast, grill, bake, dehydrate, steam or air fry using this small appliance whereas you can only air fry, grill, bake and roast with the air fryer. However, if you are looking for an oil-less fryer, the air fryer is a better choice. The latter will give you a crispier result. The maximum temperature of NuWave Oven Pro and Pro Plus is also lower than that of air fryer so it will take longer to cook with the NuWave Oven.

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Saves Energy and Cooks Faster

Like other convection ovens, NuWave oven cooks foods 70% faster than the conventional oven, resulting in using 75% less energy.

Versatile Cooking

This oven can broil, roast, grill, bake, barbecue, steam, dehydrate and air fry perfectly. The bottom liner pan allows fats and oils to drip away from foods but the natural juices remain, resulting in healthier, tastier food!

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KitchenAid KCO273SS

12″ Convection Bake Digital Countertop Oven

Even Heat Technology

The even heating technology provides heat throughout your food to cook it quickly and efficiently. The consistent heat throughout the baking cycle allows your baked products to come out perfectly. You can use the oven for baking your favorite dessert.

9 Functions

There are nine different programs for you to use. The Asado Roast Function precisely adjusts the heat for you. It sets from a high sear to the optimal cooking temperature, providing a superior roasting function. It’s ideal for roasting tough to cook meats, such as poultry. They will come out perfectly cooked, and with plenty of juices.

120-Minute Timer

You can set the timer to work for 120-minutes, allowing you to accomplish more than just cooking. It sends you a reminder when your food is done cooking. You can use the timer to set the perfect timing for each dish you place inside the oven. It’s ideal for those needing a hand in cooking.

Large Capacity

The convection oven is large enough to fit two 12-inch pizzas inside comfortably. It can even fit a Cornish hen easily for roasting. The inside contains a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean. There are racks, non-drip trays, and pans included with the oven to broaden your cooking horizons.


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Cuisinart Steam and Convection Oven

Steam & Convection Oven

Lots of Power

The convection oven runs on 1800W of power. You can cook your food quickly and easily in the oven. Just set the power level you want, and let it go to work. It’s ideal for those wanting a convection oven that works quickly to cook food. You won’t need to worry about your food being undercooked with this convection oven.

120-Minute Timer

The 120-minute timer allows you to set it for reminding you when your food is done cooking. No matter if you’re baking, roasting, or toasting, you can find the perfect time for each dish. It’s ideal for those wanting to get the timing down perfectly for their food.

Bread Proofing Technology

The bread proofing technology provides perfectly toasted bread every time you use it. The oven bakes and proofs your bread better and faster when you want to use it. It’s ideal for those needing their bread perfectly toasted, but don’t know the exact timing or temperature.

Steam Cooking Function



This convection oven comes with 4 different steam functions including steam bake, steam broil, basic steam, and super steam settings.

Large Capacity

The convection oven is large enough to fit a 4.5-pound chicken or 12-inch pizza. If you’re planning on cooking a large meal, this is the convection oven for you. The large capacity makes it easy to have your favorite food item cooked to perfection. It’s ideal for making large meals for the whole family.

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Benefits of a Convection Oven

There are many advantages to owning a convection oven. Here are some of the advantages of using a convection oven.

Even Cooking

What is a convection oven? How does a convection oven work? Basically, a convection oven has heating elements as a conventional oven does but it also has a fan that allows the air to flow over, in, and around the food. The fan inside a convection oven the heat is spread out evenly throughout the chamber, providing a consistent baking process. Because a convection oven cooks foods using air, many people discuss about differences between convection ovens and air fryers. Air fryers normally dry foods out more so the foods become crispier, whereas convection ovens keep foods juicy.

Heat Transfer

The heat transfers allow air to flow throughout the oven, resulting in fully cooked meals quickly. The heat transfer allows you to cook your food with a lower temperature, but achieve the same degree of doneness.

Colder Operating Temperature

A convection oven doesn’t heat up around the oven when it’s turned on. The heating elements don’t need to be heated up as much, allowing for more heat to focus towards the food.

Cooks Meats Well

A convection oven is an excellent way to cook meats. They lock in the juices, and cause the meat to be extremely tender. No matter if you like your steak rare or well done, a convection will work well.

Easy to Clean

A convection oven is easy to clean. Since the heat moves around inside the oven, foil can be placed inside. Even if you put it over the fans in the oven, the heat will continue to move around. When it’s done cooking, you can pull out the foil to make it easy to clean.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Convection Oven

There is a lot to consider when you’re looking for a convection oven. This section will tell you what you should look for when you’re trying to find the right convection oven for you.

The Size

The size of the convection will tell you which one would be the best choice for you. If you’re planning on leaving it on the counter top, you should make sure you have enough room. Cabinets, counter space, and other dimensions of your kitchen should tell you what size you should buy. If you don’t have enough room for the convection oven, it won’t be a good fit in your kitchen. You could take a tape measure to ensure you’ll have enough room to fit your convection.

How You Want to Use It

Depending on your food choices, one convection oven may be a better choice. You want to make sure it is large enough to fit all your food inside. You want to ensure the convection oven will cook everything you want. You can figure out what you plan on cooking in the convection, and plan accordingly. Depending on how many people you’re feeding, this could be a huge factor in your decision. Plan on how you want to use the convection oven, and you can find the right choice for you.


Convection ovens provide a lot of cooking options, you want to use your ideas to help you get the right options. Depending on your use, you want to make sure the convection oven can do everything you need. If you make a lot of toast, you want to see how well the toasting option works. You can find almost any cooking function on a convection oven. The key is finding the correct functions for your cooking choices. The function ability is an important factor when looking for the right convection oven for you.


The power on a convection oven is important to finding the right one for you. A convection oven typically plugs into the wall, but the power depends on the type of the convection oven. You want to make sure it has the right power level for you, otherwise your food may not cook properly. While convection ovens are excellent for cooking different types of food, you want to make sure it has enough power. You can tell how much power output a convection oven has, and choosing the proper wattage will help you find the perfect power level.


The timers on a convection oven are important to ensuring your food comes out perfectly. If you don’t know the exact timing for certain foods, a convection oven has a timer to help you out. It’s ideal for those that need help ensuring their food comes out perfectly cooked. When you have a timer on a convection oven, it makes it easier to cook your food. If it has an auto shutoff, you don’t need to worry about your food getting overcooked. It’s ideal for those needing assistance with their timing.


You don’t want to spend too much time cleaning out your convection oven after you’re done using it. Most convection ovens have stainless steel inside to make cleaning a breeze. If you can find a convection oven with a crumb tray, it makes the cleaning process easier. Drip trays are ideal for catching any fat and grease that can come off meats. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning, finding a convection oven that makes the process easier will make your life easier. Click to see a step-by-stop to clean a convection oven.


The display is an overlooked feature when choosing the right convection oven. You want one that is easy to read, and is backlit. When you can easily read the options on the display, it makes it easier to get the perfect choice. Most convection ovens have a display, and finding one that changes colors can help you monitor your food. When the display is easy to read, the easier it is for you to change the settings on the oven. Displays are ideal for those wanting an easy machine to use.

Your Budget

Your budget plays a crucial role in determining the convection you should buy. You don’t want to overpay for features you may not even need. Creating a budget and sticking with it will help you find the right convection oven for you. Even if you have money to splurge on a convection oven, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a simple appliance. You can get some good convection ovens for less than $500. Follow your budget goals, and make a choice that can suit you.

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle says a lot about you, and you should find a convection that fits your lifestyle. If you’re always running around, and don’t have too much time to cook a meal, you need a convection that is durable. If you plan on using it for cooking meals every occasionally, you can get away with one that works when you need it to. Considering your daily life, you should find the right convection oven that works for your needs. You should find an appliance that fits your lifestyle, not the other way around.


Final Verdict

A convection oven is a quick and easy way to cook a meal. No matter if you’re trying to cook a meal for the whole family, or make a quick snack, a convection oven is the ideal way to make a good impression. If you’re thinking about getting a convection oven, the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ is an excellent choice. The Quartz heating elements provide a quick and easy way to cook your food. The Element IQ is an excellent complement for those wanting a machine that makes their food easy to cook. You can rely on the convection oven to deliver the perfect temperature for your food every time.